Employment Discrimination

If your employer treats you differently than your colleagues based upon gender, age, race, religion, national origin, or disability, your employer is breaking the law. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Bradley Jeckering, LLC represent clients who have been discriminated against in the following areas:

Age discrimination
Were you fired and replaced with a younger, less experienced worker? Are you passed over for promotions because the company wants “fresh faces”, a “new generation”, a “more youthful presence”?

Sex discrimination
Does your workplace have a “glass ceiling”? Are women repeatedly passed over for promotions and plum assignments? Are women paid significantly less than their male counterparts?

Racial discrimination
Are you judged by your race, not by your qualifications, abilities, and job performance? Are reports of racial slurs or other racially motivated harassment ignored by management? Are you treated more harshly when compared to your white peers?

Disability discrimination
Have you been denied jobs based solely on your disability? Has your employer failed to make accommodations that would allow you to do your job?

Religious discrimination
Are you being unlawfully prohibited from practicing your religion?

Ethnicity (country of national origin)
Are you treated differently at work because of your ethnicity or because of your national origin?

FMLA Law Violation
Were you denied time off to deal with the serious illness, birth/adoption of a child, or to care for a spouse, child, or parent? Were you granted FMLA leave but then retaliated against for taking that leave?

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