The laws that govern estates are complex. Litigation over estates is mainly driven by the fact that many individuals did not employ effective estate planning. At Jeckering & Associates, LLC, we create legal, flexible and precise estate plans to ensure families are protected and assets are distributed according to our client’s wishes.

Our services include:

  • Defending a valid will
  • Representation for disputes of asset ownership
  • Will or trust contests and disputes (duress, fraud, undue influence)
  • Contested guardianships
  • Appointment of fiduciaries (executors or administrators)
  • Challenge the validity of transfers outside of probate

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Practice Areas

The attorneys of Jeckering & Associates, LLC are here to fight for you. DUI is known as “Driving Under the Influence”. Ohio’s new acronym is OVI — “Operating a Vehicle Impaired”. You do not necessarily need to be “driving” in order to be charged with DUI or OVI. Additionally, “impaired” now includes drugs of abuse and prescription drugs.

Our services include:

DUI/OVI Defense
Drug Crimes
Driving Under Suspension
Reckless Driving

All arrests for serious vehicular crimes follow a certain procedure in the court process. Contact attorney Brad Jeckering  at 614-944-5151 or “Contact Us” to discuss your pending criminal case. They will provide aggressive legal representation and will guide you through this difficult process.

Opening a new business? Being the owner of a new business can be overwhelming. Luckily you don’t have to do it alone. The attorneys of Jeckering & Associates, LLC can answer any of your questions and make sure your business is open for success!

We also offer a wide variety of business services:

Contract drafting
Business Formation
Review or revise existing contracts
Employment Law Consultation
Debt Collection

As a small business, you need and deserve a trusted legal team, just like a large corporation. Contact our attorneys at Jeckering & Associates, LLC at 614-944-5151 or “Contact Us” to ensure you have a dedicated and aggressive legal team you can turn to.